Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some random Pics

NOTE: * I started this post a while ago and am just now getting around to actually posting it! :)

How do you get a two year old to calm down and forget her disappointment from not being able to do something she wants? Have her wash dishes!  No...really! She currently LOVES to wash dishes. Even though we have a dishwasher I will put a few of her items in the sink with some bubbles, water and a sponge and she will be busy for quite a while - usually wanting to stay much longer than I have patience for. I had to take pictures to show her this when she is older and whines about having to do dishes. Look at how intent she is on it. Not only does she do the dishes but I usually end up getting at least part of my kitchen floor washed in the process!

I had purchased these matching sweaters for my girls last winter on clearance with visions of beautiful, outside, fall family pictures. Sadly the weather did not cooperate and with snow in October it was too cold to be outside for pictures. Once it warmed up in NOVEMBER the pretty leaves were long gone. Maybe next year? So I settled for some on the couch. Once again Miss Rebekah had other ideas. This is probably the best one of her where she is not crying, fighting or covering her face. Can you tell by how I'm gritting my teeth that I'm not real pleased with the behavior? SO there will more than likely be NO family picture in our Christmas card this year - so enjoy this one! :)

Here are Lizzie's 11 month pictures. She makes a pretty cute duck I must say! :)

I just like this picture of DH with his girls so thought I would share. That chair certainly seems to be the spot to cuddle. It's held us many, many hours with happy kids, sad kids, sleepy kids, naughty kids, newborn kids and so on. I will be sad if we ever have to say good bye to that chair! Many, many memories in it.

I recently watched my friend's daughter for a few days. She's almost 4 months old but since she was a preemie is still pretty tiny. I think she's about 7.5 lbs in this pic. Lizzie wasn't so sure about her. She certainly wasn't real fond of my holding her. When she was sitting in the bumbo seat she would bend down and look at her like "Who are you and what are you doing in my house?"

Lizzie is standing!  Watch out world! Only for short periods of time but I have a feeling it won't be long now!

There will be more update soon - Lizzie's turning one on the 14th so I am sure I will have many pictures and stories to share!

God Bless!


He & Me + 3 said...

Oh it is difficult to get more than one child to look at the camera at the same time. I have three...I know. Love their sweaters. That picture of Dad and the two girls is precious.

Amanda said...

Love the pictures...and have I told you that you look great as a blond? Its totally beautiful on you! (wish I could be a blond!)


Lori said...

They are SO cute! Love that picture of them with dad and the one where Lizzie is interrogating the baby. lol I can remember when Eler Beth loved to wash dishes (and it did keep her busy and happy for a while). She mostly like to play with the suds though, and I did get my kitchen floor washed at the same time.

Dustin and Jenny said...

I love that second picture of Lizzie with the pumpkin! What a doll! Happy Birthday Elizabeth!
We attempted to take family pictures when we all had H1N1 yeah...we'll see how those turn out!

Christy said...

Love the pictures!!! :)