Thursday, November 4, 2010

Neighborhood Fun

Remember summer? It was here not too long ago. It was a great summer! As the kids have gotten older it has become much easier to go places and do all sorts of things. We took many trips to area parks but we have a great neighborhood with many children so most of our days were just spent playing outside with them. Both of our neighbors each have two kids as well - all around the same age so it was fun to get to know the other moms and dads as well as let our kids get to know each other and play and explore.

We all had some type of water play toys so we took turns pulling them out and letting the other kids play. Even after dinner the toys would come out and one house and soon all the kids would be there. That was nice because then the dads had a chance to join in and play too. As mom we are fortunate because we all work part-time so get to spend most of our days home with the kiddos.


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