Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Well, I'm back to doing Not Me Mondays!  One would think that it would be a super long one since it's been a while but I figure I can leave all the "old" ones out and just focus on this past week. I am sure if I think hard enough I can come up with enough "Not Me" moments.

For starters it is NOT me that is currently allowing both girls to eat Chex cereal in the living room so I have a little peace and quiet and can type this rather than do the dishes or vacuum a dirty floor (that now most certainly does not have tiny bits of Chex cereal all over it).

It was NOT me that after breaking a glass bowl on our kitchen floor trusted that my husband and the broom got each tiny sliver of glass and continued to walk around in my stocking feet. Therefor it is NOT me that currently has two tiny holes (one in each foot) now.

It was NOT me that took advantage of the daycare at the community center that after my physical therapy today I did not allow my children to stay in there an extra 30 minutes so 1) I could work on my Bible study in peace and quiet in the cafe sipping a cold diet coke and 2) so they would be extra tired out and take an extra long nap this afternoon.

It was NOT me that took 8 days to finish a weeks worth of laundry only to finally have it upstairs and still waiting to be put away causing a large mountain of laundry to have formed on our bathroom floors.

It was NOT me that rather than being angry with my daughter smiled when I saw that she had colored on every drawer of her dresser. It did NOT give me a little bit of pleasure as it hit me that "I'm a mom!" and this is what mom's deal with. (And if my daughter DID do such a thing she would have wisely chosen to do so with chalk so it was easily wiped off with a sock).

It was also NOT me that took an hour and 15 minute drive prior to our Mom and Tots group at church because my children were so crabby and whiney that I knew that if they didn't nap before going someone would have wound up in the looney bin and that person most likely would have been me! I am much more frugal with our gas money and would never drive just to get my children to nap!

It was also NOT me that bought my husband not one, not two but three Glenn Beck books because I wanted to read them too! I am certainly not that self-centered!

Well, I think that is enough for now....I am sure there will be new opportunities for more next week!

What haven't you done?


Missie said...

I love your not me entries.

I wouldn't know where to start my list! LOL

Missie said...

I love your not me entries.

I wouldn't know where to start my list! LOL

Mary Lou said...

Just an FYI, Magic Eraser made by Mr. Clean will take crayon off of ANYTHING! :0 But "I would never" know about that personally. ;)

Becky said...

lol... love driving around to get kids to sleep!