Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rainy Thursday Morning

It's rainy, it's cold, and I have three not so happy, enthusiastic children. Not sure what will be on for the day. We can't color because Reba lost the use of her crayons for two days due to her coloring the door, the wall, and the computer keyboard - all in one day. She also can't go play in her room because yesterday she she empty out part of her closet and three of her dresser drawers twice (once throwing them all down the stairs) and had started a third time when I caught her. She now has a lock on her door. We will try again in a little while.

The community center does have it's gym tot time today but it's from like 1 - 2:30 which is the middle of naptime and there is no way we are giving that up today!!!

I am going to try to make rice krispie bars today. it's been a long time. I love them and they aren't wise to have around the house. I am going to add carrots though. I know, I know it's weird but I got the idea when we got fall krispy bars at target. They had yellow and orange krispies in them and Reba ate them so I thought maybe I could add some very tiny carrot pieces into the mix and see if she will accept that. Her eating is still a huge issue in this house. It's affecting many things such as potty training and could potentially affect her development. We've been to the doctor and she is having us see a pediatric dietitian which is a week from Friday. I am currently keeping a food log for her. Not much on it. Yesterday she had 1/4 cup chex cereal, 4 oz grape juice, 1/3 apple with peanut butter and some peaches. Before bed she did have a breakfast shake but that is a pretty typical day. She's a tough one!

We started Parent/Child swimming lessons last Saturday. It went pretty well. Reba struggled some and didn't always want to do what the class was doing. I think part of the problem is that she is very familiar with the pool and is used to being able to doing her own thing. The concept of 'class' hasn't really sunk in yet! :) For example they wanted us to work on them sliding into the water off the side. Reba would have none of that - she wanted to jump in like she always does. I may have to take her to practice with her to get her used to having to do some of the skills while there. Seven weeks to go - will be interesting how she does. I'm not too worried because she will have to repeat this class next year as they can't start the independent classes until they are 4.

Liza is 10 and a half months old now. I can't believe it! She is developing her own personality. She's is much more demanding and needing of attention then her big sister was at her age. But we don't mind so much...just takes a little longer to get the dishes and laundry done! :)

She is pulling herself up and occasionally has let go when she is interested in something but as soon as she realizes she is standing on her own - plop! - down she goes. She is quite vocal and is currently standing by my chair voicing her opinions. She LOVES going up the stairs - we have them blocked but sometimes she can still crawl up and over - she is a determined child!

Here are her 10 month pictures - a few of them anyway.We did Reba's 9 month pictures in a similar fashion. As the photographer was taking her pictures she said I was just going through our sample book and there are several that are similar to what you are doing. Lo and behold those were Reba's pictures form 2 years ago. Reba's pictures are also in there from her ballerina pictures. In fact the manager said that they used those as an example at their district headquarter meetings to use to train people on how to add special effects and do multi-image sheets. She's a mini-model!

As you may have noticed I switched to using nicknames for the girls. It was too confusing for some (and sometimes for me) to use middle names.
Hope you all have a blessed day!


Missie said...

I can't believe the baby is that big already.

The pictures are beautiful.

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh Janis... she is so beautiful!!! Love your little nicknames...

You guys have been busy!!

Your new blog is CUTE!!


Dustin and Jenny said...

I like your new blog!