Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Catching Up

How does life get so busy? I am not sure I will ever understand that at all. I thought having little ones would mean a lot of time at home and yet it seems most days we have somewhere to go or something to do.

I knew our warm sunny days were limited so I have been trying to get the kids outside as much as possible. Good thing too because this is what we awoke to on Saturday morning. On Monday we got another two inches - it snowed pretty much all day. It's mostly gone today already but Reba sure was excited to see it all. Her mantra that day was "snow, mama, snow" and "play in snow, mama, play".  Last Thursday I had my friend's 4-year old twins as well. The kids all had a good time together but I kow it's not something I could do full time. Despite the cold they enjoyed playing in the sand and on the bikes. Many chalk drawings were also added to our sidewalk that day. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of those. Reba likes to trace things so we had many bottoms and legs outlined that she had traced around the other kids.

Last Friday we went to the apple orchard. I was sure that this would be a perfect oppurtunity to get some fantastic fall pictures. Afterall are there any cuter pictures then little kids with pumpkins and apples and haybales on a crisp sunny day?  It took me about 20 minutes to figure out the clothes I wanted them to wear. Ones that would complement each other for the sister/sister pictures as well as be very fall like in their individual pictures. I should have known better.

First it was cold...about 45 degrees. All the other kids were in winter jackets but not mine! I just had fall coats as I had not yet discovered the whereabouts of the winter coats at our house (they have been found along with hats and mittens now). Poor Lizzie had four layers on - poor thing could hardly move her arms. It reminded me a bit of the little brother in The Christmas Story.

Here is my little farmer girl. She does like the horses. We haven't done a pony ride with her yet. I am sure she will love it after how much she loved the carousel ride this summer. I thought she was going to climb right up the fence and try to get in with the horses. She would have been stuck as there was probably a good 6-8 inches of mud in there.

I thought this picture was super cute. Her and two of her buddies watching the foal. She did get to pet it later. (She did have a hat but it was so big it kept falling off so she ended up going hat free the rest of the day). It would have been a much better picture had I gotten down and taken it from their level but my knee still isn't cooperating 100% and I wasn't sure I could get back up.

These are some of Reba's responses of mommy asking her to take some pictures. She wanted no part of it.

Liza wasn't much better. She just sat there and cried - little stinker. Regardless these will STILL be going in the scrapbook.

This is probably the best one I got of Reba with the pumpkins. She didn't know I was taking it so she didn't have time to protest until I tried to get the second one.

This week has the promise to be a little quieter - we shall see.
God Bless


Missie said...

The kids are getting sooo big! I really didn't want to see a picture of snow yet! LOL

Anonymous said...

It appears we have skipped fall/autumn and gone right into winter!! Too soon for snow.
The girls are getting so big! I still take mine to the pumpkin farm every year and take pictures too, and they are 15 and 10! They love it.
Great pictures.

Amanda said...

Well, the outfits ARE cute!!!

Sorry... and I know how you feel! My battery died in my camera right after we got there! I wanted to die.

Hope your knee is better soon!


He & Me + 3 said...

Too funny that I just posted the funny and bad outtake pictures on my blog...which you saw. Oh well is right I may just do an outtake page in their scrapbook, but that is the beauty of digital you don't have to keep them. Love the hat on Liza. Too cute. Poor baby was not having it. They are too sweet. Atleast everyone had fun.

Lori said...

Hi Janis! The girls are getting so big. I love the look of your new blog, and I have added it to my RSS Feed.

Gillie said...

Great pics as usual!! They are both getting so big. ADORABLE!!