Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What do you do on what could quite possibly be the last warm day for months and months? You play outside - in sand - with water - and bare feet - not caring if you get dirty, wet or turn yourself blue.

Bright blue sand from Walmart + Water from the hose = hours, and hours, and if mommy would let us, hours of fun!

If you notice Liza was not invited to this party. I did not want to be changing blue diapers for the next week so she was stuck on the porch in her walker. Poor thing. I kept telling her next summer, next summer - not that she has any idea how long that is. But then the neighbors came out to play so she got to go crawl around their porch and play with their toys so she was plenty happy. Don't think she even realized that she missed anything!

In other news...

Reba is starting to "try" new types of food. As many of you know we have had many struggles, tantrums, and meltdowns (Reba's had a hard time too lol) trying to get her to eat a balanced diet. She isn't sickly or super skinny so we aren't worried about health at all. Low nutrition can affect development but we aren't really seeing any evidence of that. Since her seizure due to dehydration in January we make sure that she drinks plenty through the day. She currently drinks more juice then is "suggested" by "the experts" but we still mix her juice with water and often give her the fruit/veggie combos as those are the only "veggies" she will eat.

I did get her to eat some carrots the other day. I cut them up into tiny pieces and mixed them in with rice kripie treats. She bought the "orange sprinkles" the first day but after that she was done. Part of the problem I believe is that the carrots had more moisture in them than I expected which caused the krispies to lose their krispiness. They became stale quite quickly. Oh well - it was worth a try.

The other night she tried a bit of stuffing. She chewed it 3 or 4 times and then spit it out. She also tried a black olive after seeing daddy eat them. Nope- that wasn't a hit either. She did eat egg pie the other day though and was quite proud of herself. (Egg pie at our house is the same as quiche - it just sounds better to a 2 year old!) While talking on the phone to Grandma and Grandpa that night she repeated about 20 times "I ate egg pie". She was quite proud of herself. We were quite proud of her too.

We were going to take her to see a dietician but at $250 an hour we decided to pass. We will get there and someday we will sit and tell stories of all the creative things I have done. The other night we had brats and so I took a brat bun, put red jelly on one side and peanut butter on the other. Down the middle I put 1/2 a banana. It looked almost like our dinner. She wasn't so sure about it right away but after a few finger licks she decided it was yummy and she ate the entire thing. Whoo hoo! (See you can learn things from watching the Disney channel)! :)

Well it's getting late. Hope you all are doing well! God bless


noelle said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I've been stuck in bed sick all week. I love your creativity with getting
Reba to eat more foods.

Amanda said...

lol changing blue diapers... that would be funny!!