Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Happier Post

My Mother told me that my last post was sad. I didn't mean for it to be sad. Yes, I must admit it was a bit whiney. Perhaps wanting some sympathy was an underlying reason for posting - sympathy and understanding. I am thankful that I am healthy though. There are others out there in blog land that are dealing with sick kids while being sick themselves. I have been quite fortunate to have stayed fairly healthy this winter despite all the germs around me. Perhaps it was all the colds I had when I was little - maybe now I am immune to many of them. I once heard that you can only get a cold once but since there are over 900 varieties of them you don't have much chance of ever getting to a point where you are immune to them all. (Not sure how accurate that is - just one of those trivial pieces I read/heard somewhere and it's stuck with me).

So let's talk about what has been happy these past weeks. One nice thing about being sick is you have the right to the big red chair. It's in the center of the room and from that chair you can see pretty much the whole first floor of the house. It's also super comfy and great for cuddling. I spent the first two weeks in that chair after giving birth to my girls day and night.

Another great thing about being sick is comfort food. I know some people don't eat when they are sick while others get comfort from food. Last night Lizzie got her first ice cream cone. (They are little kiddie cones). She had no problem figuring out what to do with it. She thoroughly enjoyed every bite! Funny how I didn't find any "leftovers" in her chair or on the floor like I normally do after she is done eating.
Bekah always enjoys spending time on the floor with daddy. Playing toys, rolling around, or having horsey rides. It always reminds me of doing that with my dad. He was great about that and I am so happy to see my daughters building the same memories with their father.

Bekah received some games from a friend from church. She loves doing the shape/color game and we have spent quite a bit of time making rainbows. She is learning a lot about shapes and colors and is very good at sorting them out.

Earlier this month we headed out to Underwater World. I went with a friend with her three kids and I had my two plus R. Yep, six kids total - 2 4-year olds, 1 3-year old, 2 one-year olds and a 3 week old. It was an adventure but all the kids did a great job. They were all so fascinated with all the fish. For part of it you walk through a huge tube that goes through the huge tanks so the fish are swimming over head. Bekah and R were not too sure about that at first but soon got pretty excited about it all.We learned about all different types of fish, turtles and sting rays. We saw "Dory" and "Nemo" - actually many of them. Bekahs favorite though was the "Pocpopus" (or octopus depending upon how you want to pronounce it).

Mommy has been learning some new recipes. These are the chicken parmesan roll-ups I made a few weeks back. They do make a pretty dish.

Lizzie and Bekah are working hard on learning to share. So far they are doing a pretty good job! This was Rebekah sharing her ice cream with Lizzie. Now that's a good big sister to share even her Ice Cream!

They are becoming good buddies and it has been fun to seem them really start to interact. Here they are watching a movie together, "sharing" popcorn. (That worked by Bekah, every once in a while, popping a piece into Lizzie's mouth.)  Lizzie is also learning to love books. It started with one that she got for Christmas. At first that was the only book she would read. Needless to say DH and I got sick of it pretty quick. Thankfully she has reached out and embraced other books now and I am thrilled that she loves to read just as much as her big sister and mommy.
Hope this was a happier post for you mom! :)  (And everyone else. Don't mean to be a whiner!!!! :)

Hope you are all happy and healthy!

BTW - Girls are no better. Have a feeling we will be seeing our pediatrician tomorrow. God Bless!!!

PS. I don't know why some of my writings came out like links but I am too tired to try and fix it and Lizzie is demanding hugs and loves and that's WAY more important! :)

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Amanda said...

Glad that there are things to be thankful about and happy about!