Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Again we are sick...

Once again we have the ickies at our house. Lizzie, Bekah and DH are all sick - again. This has just been crazy. I am about ready to open our windows despite the cold and snow and get this icky, sicky air out of our house! Last night I think I slept maybe 1.5 hours total between the two girls. Bekah was the worst. She was complaining about her ear hurting but this morning said it was fine. I hate taking them in for every little thing. We will see how it goes for the day and if she's still not doing well I will take her in late this afternoon. I know of two families who have chicken pox though so I think I will be happy with the cough and cold. However, Bekah is not eating well but at least she is drinking. She has thrown up the last two nights after eating a small amount and drinking juice. Giving her mainly water now and some bland foods.

Bekah's therapy is going well. I struggle sometimes with the necessity of it. It's a lot of money and time and I often wonder if she is just really a picky eater but last week at therapy we were reaffirmed in our belief that it is more than just that and truly a sensory issue. Our therapist introduced noodles to her. She had cute noodles that looked like daisies but at first Rebekah would not even touch them. Then as C and I were building towers with them she eventually joined in and started playing with them. However, as soon as that noodle touched her lips she vomited. C, her therapist, was surprised at how quickly it happened. Bekah didn't gag or anything - just up it came. Poor thing. But she recovered nicely. Now that she is older she isn't so scared and we are able to more easily explain why she threw up. So we will keep moving on and keep working with her. Just praying that she is a fast learner! :) C did say that was a totally sensory reaction. Sometimes I am thinking it is maybe a good thing she doesn't like noodles. With a history of diabetes in the family it might be a good thing to not like!

I finally got Lizzie's 1 year pictures done despite the fact that she is already 14.5 months old!!! Just a tad behind. However, she had H1N1 on her first birthday, then it was the holidays and trying to get in to get pictures is just impossible. Then she had an ear infection. After that she fell down the stairs and got rug burn down one side of her face. As that started to heal she fell and cut her other cheek with a toy. Even though she was sick and snotty nosed I took her in. We got some cute ones. They aren't amazing but they will be a good memory and fun to scrapbook.


Now I just need to get Bekah in for her 3 year photos - hopefully sometime before she is four! :)
Hope all is well with each of you!
God Bless


He & Me + 3 said...

Oh no..I hope every one is better soon. Take care of you.
Cute pictures. I adore that dress and hat.

Forever Neighbor said...

I hope everyone starts feeling better soon! The pictures are adorable!

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh those pictures are gorgeous!!! LOVE that outfit!!

So I hope you are planning on coming to the ladies night out in March in Burnsville... would love to see you!

(and I totally agree with you about the Ultimate Dessert!! Thanks for the feedback, you are wise!)


Irritable Mother said...

Wow, Janis. This sounds crazy!!!
Sounds like you're going to need that Moms' Night Out!
Hope you can make it.

Much love,

Missie said...

Hope you all feel better!