Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grandma's Birthday

***Note: I wrote this post long ago. Then I got a few questions asking why I didn't blog anymore. Low and behold instead of posting my blogs I have just been saving them so I will get them out for my few dedicated readers.

My mom came to visit in late march - once again she was willing to spend her birthday with us. Rebekah is really into birthdays these days and is always asking when someones birthday is. I found a site online that has a gazillion (well, maybe hundreds) of birthday cake ideas - some with video. Bekah and I would sit and watch them make these fun cakes.

When I told her Grandma was going to be her for her birthday her response was ... "We have to make her a birthday cake!" I asked her "What kind of cake would you like to make her?"  "A purse cake," was her reply. So we went online and found a video that taught us how to do the "purse cake". Of course I didn't have the right pans for it but a friend was coming to visit that day and I called her quick and asked her if she had two 8 inch round cake pans --( I mean really, how does one NOT have round cake pans???)  She came through for me (thanks Julie- I promise I'll get them back to you...someday!)

Bekah and I made the cake. She is a great stirrer and loves to dump the ingredients in. She is finally getting the concept that you have to cook the food. (When we first started baking together as soon as the ingredients were mixed and in the pan she wanted to eat it - thinking it was done.)

We had to wait a day to decorate it until I got the rest of the ingredients and had time but I think it turned out pretty cute! :) Bekah was thrilled with it and still talks about it. It was pretty tasty too although I wasn't quite sure how to cut it. It's not the quality of Amanda's cake over at I Am Baker - no secret surprises inside and yes - it came out of a box but I'm still pretty happy with it. Plus Mom and Bekah liked it so that's all that matters...right?

Here's mom with her cake. In case you're wondering why it looks like we gave Grandma a memory game and snowman coloring book let me assure you - we didn't. We got her a strawberry pot (which Bekah gave the secret away) so hopefully she will have fresh strawberries this summer. My friend that was coming over brought some Christmas presents for the girls that they never received. We were to go to their house for Christmas Eve but we had a terrible snow storm so ended up staying home and this was the first chance we had to get together - only three months late!

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