Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What is that? Or things we do for our kids!

Can you guess what this is - Yes, it's food - it's edible...

Does this picture help?

Yes - it's black spaghetti. Pasta continues to be one of the most negative foods for Rebekah so we are working with her on making it a little more "fun" for her. I recently took Rebekah to the pasta aisle at Super Target and told her she could choose any type of pasta to try. I thought for sure she would go for the Mickey shaped pasta, or the daisies, or the letters - or maybe even the little O's but nope - not my daughter - she marched right over and picked the black spaghetti. She declared it "my favorite" (I'm not sure she quite has the understanding of that yet).

So I thought - what the heck...I'll try it. I didn't bother looking at any recipes. I just cooked it like spaghetti as per the instructions on the back and while it didn't look too appetizing to us it did taste just like regular spaghetti. Once you covered it with the red sauce it wasn't so bad.

Of course - she didn't eat any. She did touch it though and tried slurping it which is a huge step. If you remember when we started this at one point when pasta would touch her lips she would vomit almost instantly. She still hasn't eaten any pasta but is much more tolerant of it.

I found out later it's colored with either squid ink or cuttlefish ink. I think I'm glad I didn't know that before hand. I recently looked online to see what others were saying about it and found an Italian recipe blog that made it look a little more appetizing...but it still doesn't look like something I would make on a regular basis.  Feel free to check it out at lucullian delights.

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Amanda said...

You are so good to not giveup... I think my patience would have grown thin by now.. she is lucky to have such a loving and caring mommy!!