Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One-liners by Bekah

Last night I asked Bekah to get her pajamas on; and then I asked her again...and again....and again. (Isn't it sad how at four one can already be losing her hearing?) Eventually she looked up from what she was doing and said "Mommy, you're giving me a headache!" 

How does one explain to a four year old that more than likely it's the other way around and the best way to avoid two headaches would be for her to listen -- the first time???

I find amusement in Bekah's one liners--even when she is being sassy- it's hard sometimes to keep a straight face, I think part of why they are so funny to me is that she isn't trying to be funny but is just being quite serious.

Examples...(This happened a while ago but it's one I haven't forgotten because it is just so "Bekah") When putting away the playdough I asked her to put the containers back in the long tube they came in. Her response? "Mom it's not a tube, it's a cylinder!" She is much like her daddy and can be quite black and white. She likes to be exact in her description of things and will correct you quickly if she disagrees. Yet she also has a vivid imagination and loves to pretend and create stories.

One day when she was having a tough day I told her that if a certain behavior continued she would have a consequence. Her response?  "No, thank you. Those are not my favorite!"

Another day after having received a consequence of a swat on the butt she looked at me and stated "I'm wiping that off and starting over." Seriously, how does one not laugh at these times? It's so hard!!!

Another recent favorite was when I once again had to remind her that consequences would follow bad choices and she said to me, "Mom, you just ruined a perfectly good day!"

Hmm, as I re-read this I realized that many of these occur during times of discipline. I know there are many others but I seem to remember these the most...perhaps because they strike me as humorous in a not so humorous situation. 
I recently got this storage bench at a garage sale. It was a good deal and I've been wanting one for a while now. The first day we had it Bekah said she was going to nap on it. I tried to explain to her that it wouldn't be comfortable. It was hard and small and nothing like a bed. But she was insistent. Finally I was like okay, thinking she would lay on it for a few minutes and decide it uncomfortable. However, by the time I came back from laying Lizzie down she was fast asleep. She ended up sleeping for a couple of hours all scrunched up on this hard wooden bench. I have a feeling she did so just to prove her mama wrong! lol

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