Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oops...mommy wasn't paying attention!

Recently on one of our beautiful sunny days I was outside talking with the neighbors while the kids were playing. After a while Bekah went inside to get a drink and Lizzie followed. I heard Bekah yell, "Mommy, Lizzie needs help!" but didn't respond right away. I finished my conversation then went inside.  This is what I found...

Yes, that is Desitin Lizzie has smeared all over her face. She thought it was lotion and was quite proud of herself. Not only did she put the lotion on but she had climbed up on top of the changing table without help. Have you ever tried to clean up Desitin off of your skin? It's oily and does NOT remove quickly. (I'm sure that is what makes it work so well!) When it's on my hands I use super hot water and a lot of dish soap--however, that was not an option with Lizzie's face!  It took many, many warm washcloths. The rest of the day her face was oily and smelled like Desitin.

Next time Bekah tells me Lizzie needs help I will respond a little quicker.  Lesson Learned!

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