Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Day

We didn't have any big plans for Memorial Day. So on Sunday night I called a friend and we decided to meet up at a local park/beach. We have some awesome parks and beaches around here filled with great playgrounds. We got there about 10 AM and it was surprisingly empty .We played for a while..slides, swings, tire swings, digging, zip lines, bouncing things and a lot of equipment to climb. After about an hour of that we were hungry so ate a picnic lunch and then headed to the beach.

Lizzie wasn't so sure about the lake. It was pretty cold still and filled with a lot of algae and the occasional fish - much different from her bath water! She was fine being out there as long as she was cuddled. The girl holding her in the picture is my God daughter - I have a picture of her about 10 years ago when she was about Lizzie's age at that same beach on Memorial Day! Man, has time flown!!!

Bekah wasn't too keen on the water much either. She went out with me once but was a little too cold for her liking. She did, however, have a blast playing in the sand with daddy and on her own. She also thoroughly enjoyed playing with the shower they have on the beach to wash off the sand - she just kept filling up her bucket and carrying it to water the sand.


Amanda said...

That looks like a wonderful time!!! We so need to get together. Ugh! I need to figure out my schedule and nail something down!


Missie said...

Water, sand and a playground.....life couldn't get any better for a kid!