Monday, June 7, 2010

Rain brings Rainbows!

What does one do when you have many small children and it's rainy and windy and cold outside?  You make your own rainbows of course. My good friend Amanda is quite famous for her rainbow pancakes. We have done pink flower pancakes at our house before but never the full rainbow. So when we had a rainy, gray day I thought what a perfect day to make our own rainbows. The kids got to help a little but still too small to work on the electric griddle. (If you want to see really, glorious vivid rainbow pancakes {or even a rainbow cake} you need to check out Amanda's blog. She rocks at not only photographing food and her super cute children but also is a semi-pro baker so uses top of the line food coloring to get super vivid colors.

All the kids super enjoyed the pancakes. It was a fun treat but not one we will do often - besides the amount of dishes it created and the time it took to make a gazillion small pancakes the diapers the next day were not so friendly! :)

Note: I'm so proud - see my girls - they are eating their fruit first and then their pancakes!!!  Such healthy eaters! :) lol


Missie said...

I want some rainbow pancakes! They look really fun.

Have a good week.

Amanda said...

LOVE IT!! You did a fantastic job!!