Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to keep kids busy...

I love Fisher Price Little People. If I had my way we would have every set and all the accessories - however, we don't have the $$ or the space or do my kids have that much interest in them. However, I did get the Fisher Price Nativity scene. Bekah also got another one as a Birthday Gift so we have two. Fisher Price also has a little Drummer Boy set, a Three Wisemen set, and a Bethlehem Inn set (Fisher Price Nativity. They all connect to each other and are a great way to tell the Christmas story and have a manger scene that toddlers can handle without fear.

I pulled out the sets this year and put them out on the table. For the next two hours the three kiddos were busy with this set. They shared (it helped that I had two mangers and Ricky just wanted to put the trees together) and set up their scenes and did their imaginative play. For a while the only noise would be the songs of Away in the Manger and Drummer Boy (since the pieces play those songs). They have been a favorite all season and I will be sad to see them go back into storage. However,  I think one of the reasons it was a favorite is that it was "new" to them so it will be "new" again next year, and the next, and the next....

There were a few extras in the cast - Mickey, Minnie and Strawberry Shortcake all participated.

Even Mickey worships Jesus! :)

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