Wednesday, January 5, 2011

These make me happy!

I love the look of the Department 56 houses. I've been collecting them for years - mostly back before I children, and had money and space! We put them up the first year of our marriage 5 years ago but haven't put them up since. I was determined to get some of them up this year. A house down the street had them up on their kitchen cabinets last year. I stole the idea from them.  I saw them through their windows one night while we were on a walk and thought they looked great up there! The only disadvantage of having them up so high is you can't put out all the little accessories. Well, you could but you wouldn't really see them. It was a lot of work. Not sure when they will come down.  Recently a friend of mine told me that she had put hers up on her cabinets and ended up keeping them up there for 3 years.  Do I dare?

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Christy said...

They look awesome up there!!!!