Monday, January 3, 2011

Lizzie is Two!

Lizzie turned "2" on November 14th. We were to have a Birthday party for her that weekend, however, due to snow and me being sick we ended up canceling it...again. (For those that don't remember we had to cancel hers last year due to both girls and Les having H1N1). I see a habit forming here - and I'm pretty sure I don't like this one!

However, on her birthday Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Jim came up and visited. They stayed in a hotel with a pool which we were able to use. The pool was quite chilly but the hot tub was fabulous!

The Flash is TOO bright!
 After the pool we got dressed and Grandma and Grandpa treated us all to dinner at Cuzzy's - a new restaurant in town. The food was quite good and I am sure we will be back. Grandma Sherry and I shared a pizza - they say they are for one but the two of us had some left over so be warned! 
What is that???
They brought out the wrong pizza so instead of the tiny little individual birthday brownie they normally do they brought out this HUGE Sundae. Lizzie was in heaven! (And Bekah didn't mind either). It took all of us to make a dent it and I'm pretty sure we wiped it clean! Should have taken an after picture!
Hamming it up for the camera!

Faster Grandpa!

After that we headed home and opened presents! That was the best part! lol 

Lizzie loves to walk like a penguin and will say "Waddle, waddle, waddle" as she does. I'm not sure how she started that but as a result she received many penguin items and more are coming for Christmas!

Because of the huge sundae we had at the restaurant no one wanted cake that night so we had it the next night - which was just fine - we could celebrate our birthdays everyday!!!

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