Friday, June 17, 2011


Bekah did t-ball in May. It was a short 4 week program to help introduce kids to T-ball. I'm not sure who was more excited - Mommy or Bekah. (Okay..I think it was Mommy). I loved t-ball when I was a kid and was excited to share that with her.

We went out and got her a glove and bat and batting T to practice. (Of course the bat, ball and glove are in pink!) We played a few times but Bekah can be a bit of a perfectionist and if it doesn't come easily the first time or two she wants to give up.

After realizing that she wasn't an instant success she decided she didn't want to go "because I'm not good at it." We tried to explain to her that none of the kids would be good at it and they were all there to learn. The first week was hard. She didn't want to leave my side at first and didn't want to participate. The coaches eventually got her to participate though and by the fourth (and last day) she was all gun-ho. Wish they would have had another session but we will have to wait until next year. We still play at home though sometimes so perhaps next year she will be much more confident.

Although I told Bekah none of the kids would be "good" at it yet I learned I was wrong.  Keep in mind these are 4 and 5 year olds yet there was one little boy who either had a dad and older brothers that worked with him or else a whole lot of natural talent. His form was impressive for throwing and catching and he was one of the few who figured out how to catch the ball in his glove. Another mom and I joked that if he could sign his name we should get his autograph now as we could see some great potential in his future!


Anonymous said...

Cute! My oldest daughter Caitlin did little league baseball when she was 6. She was a bit of a tomboy so i was surprised when at the end of the year, i asked if she wanted to play again and she said no. I asked why and she said, "its for boys" i was rolling on the floor laughing, because this is a kid who would never agree anything is just for boys!!!! She went on to try many sports and settled on volleyball for a while and later swimming. Now she cant believe she ever said that!!! :-)

Christy said...

Ah glad she ended up getting it by the end and next year she may just be that impressive one herself! I have loved ove the years watching my boys skill level expand. Jacob played on a traveling league this year. Jack had his last year of tball (thank goodness) and next year will be in coach pitch. Emma intially said she didn't want to play so I didn't sign her up, but since Daddy was coaching Jackson she practiced with them and low and behold the girl has talent...she could hit, knew the bases to run, and wasn't too bad at next year she'll be playing!