Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a New Year

Happy New Year - a little late! (Not that you're surprised by that...I'm usually late and am often playing catch up).

What are your resolutions?

I always come up with some...I never make it the whole year through but I figure if I have goals and achieve a percentage of them I am still better at the end of the year then I was at the beginning.

I also like alliteration.

So I came up with my resolutions and figured I would remember them best if they were "catchy".

1. FAITH - I've always had faith but one can always improve. I need to spend more time studying the scriptures. I need to not leave my weekly Bible study for the last day and do it all at once. I need to pray more...alone, with my husband, and with my children. My children's spiritual walk is my responsibility. It is my job to teach them and there is nothing more important. I need to make my Faith more of a priority. I take it for granted sometimes and I need to find my zeal again.

2. FRUGAL - I like love to shop. I always have. The hunt for a good bargain, the perfect present, something cute for ______, a new toy, even grocery shopping - whatever the reason I enjoy it whether it be in the stores or from my computer. However, money is tight these days. There isn't an unlimited supply and I hate the thought that we are in debt. So my goal this year is to work hard on getting us out of debt, limit careless and impulsive spending, and be wise and frugal with our spending. I want to be able to give more to charities and church and to help others out. We have so much - much more than we need. I also want to weed out my items. Clothes, toys, and collectibles all are in abundance for each of us. 

3. FIT - Let's face it...I need to get fit. My DH could get more fit. AND my girls need to stay fit so they have a healthy lifestyle from a young age. We are members of a wonderful community center so there is no reason that we are not there several times a week working out, playing and swimming. They offer daycare which we get for free based on our membership so the girls get to play and socialize for an hour and DH and I can work out - really - it's not hard is it? 

4. FUN - I want to do more "fun" with my family. More hands on activities with the girls. Seeing how much fun we had making the ornaments I saw how important that was for Bekah to do those hands on activities. I found a very helpful website, TV Free Toddler Time (link is also on my sidebar). This is filled with wonderful ideas of things to do with your little ones that cost minimal to nothing and that don't include the TV. I also want to look for things to do as a family. Anyone have any ideas they would like to share of something fun they do with their family?

So that's my FOUR resolutions....Faith, Frugal, Fit and Fun - all large but doable and all for my Family!

God Bless!


Sugar said...

wanted to wish you & yours a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

He & Me + 3 said...

Those are awesome. Happy New Year!

Missie said...

You picked 3 great resolutions. I'm not having any, that way I can't be disapointed in myself. LOL

I sent you an invite to my private blog. Did you get it?

Lori said...

Janice, I LOVE those alliterative resolutions. Or shall we call them goals? Very well done. I hope you guys have a wonderful year full of lots of great family fun!