Friday, January 8, 2010

The Things Kids Say...

Tonight Rebekah tripped and said "Ow, my sock hurts!"

This morning she mentioned something about her daddy to someone at church. They asked where he was and she said "He runned away."  (We are working on grammar). There is a little bit of truth in that...although somedays I am sure that he would prefer to just stay home and not have to "run away".

After Awana DH was driving the girls home and Rebekah was concerned because "Her house was lost - find it, daddy!" They did (it's all of three miles away!)

Just thought I would share a smile with you today.

Had our first family game night last night. It was great. Two games of CandyLand. DH won one, and Bekah won one. For some reason I am NOT good at Candyland. Watch out Bekah...someday you'll want to play Monopoly with Mommy! lol

Bekah wanted Lizzie to play too and was not easy to convince that Lizzie really didn't care. Someday...but last night it was more about eating her red gingerbread man.


Missie said...

I used to love family game night. it's not the same when they move up to video games. LOL

Lori said...

We used to play a lot of monopoly. Andrew and Thomas are WAY too competitive, though. Kids are so cute, the way they say things. Really enjoyed this entry!